so i was using my moms computer for the night. i tried to save this picture


and when i clicked save i saw this


and i was like


so i go into my moms photos and see these


but go a little further and find this


and see the middle folder and get confused and click on it and i found this


dear lord my mom is a secret fangirl



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In which the one and only Danny Sexbang receives a thousandth-degree burn.

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[gets extremely offended when anyone implies my favorite characters are straight]

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Top picture: my entire collection that I have access to right now. I have a giraffe beach towel and I’m sure theres some other things I’m forgetting about.
Middle row:
Giraffe pillow pet, giraffe blanket, a picture I drew in third grade that we framed cause I entered it into a contest.
The thing with flowers carved through it is a piece of wood that used to have hooks in it to hang like necklaces or something on, there’s a cork board my mom made, French memo board, a wooden giraffe, a plastic giraffe, a giraffe eraser with movable legs, a ceramic giraffe I painted, a picture of a giraffe from the newspaper.
A drawing my friend’s little sister made for me, a picture frame hand crafted by @pattsan , a fake stained glass thing I made, a picture my friend drew on my last day of group, two tiny giraffes with Velcro on their hands so they can hug things, clay Bakura in a giraffe costume courtesy of @gengarvevo , a small giraffe folding chair, a giraffe beanie baby, a giraffe stuffed animal, Snickers (the giraffe under the chair) who I take anywhere I’m staying overnight.
Bottom row: A slightly unsettling giraffe complete with dangling legs, a rectangular piece of wood I painted, two large stuffed giraffes, and a giraffe visor. And yes, those are giraffe print curtains.

I did not rearrange my entire room for one fucking note

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